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Headlight covers BMW 5 E39 Facelift

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Plexiglas for BMW 5 E39 Facelift. Our plexiglass is 1:1 with the original and is also coated with a layer of UV-resistant polyurethane.

Headlight covers for BMW 5 E39 Facelift 00 - 03

Original light covers often suffer from yellowing, cracks, stone or weather damage. Our covers not only fit perfectly, but are also coated with UV-resistant polyurethanewhich protects against future damage and yellowing.

For a perfect seal we recommend 9.5mm x 4.5m butyl gasket. It is easy to work with and if necessary you can then simply unstick the light using a heat gun or oven.

The difficulty of replacement depends on the type of adhesive used to bond the cover to the rest of the light. In practice, butyl and permanent adhesives are mainly used. For 2001 and 2002, the glue used is butyl, so the light can be broken easily, but for 2003, permanent glue was used, which is almost impossible to break and the old Plexiglas has to be cut off.

In case of interest, it is possible to arrange for the installation of plexiglass. For a price quote, write us an email or reach us on social media.

Said price is per pair, left and right.


OEM light codes on which plexiglass fits. Just because your light code is not listed here does not necessarily mean that our covers will not fit it.

009236541, 4082300302851, 1ZS009236541, 9236541, 4E0941030BR, 4E0941030CA, 4E0941030CE, 009236531, 4082300302936, 1ZS009236531, 9236531, 4E0941029CA, 4E0941029BR, 4E0941029CE and more


"Hello today mounted and the difference is great, for the rest I can only recommend, the shipment is perfectly packed and the assembly can handle every novice so for me absolutely great and once again thank you very much."


"Purchased and most satisfied. I can only recommend the brightness of the light somewhere else, exactly as you can see the difference in the photos, that's exactly what it is. "

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