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Audi A4 B5 facelift
Bi-xenon Kit


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Bi-xenon conversion kit for the Audi A4 B5 Facelift from the original illuminated xenon projectors to the much more powerful bi-xenon projectors, retaining the original light adjustment and auto-leveling.

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Audi A4 B5 facelift (1999-2001) bixenon kit contains everything you need to replace the original xenon projectors (xenon only illuminates low beam) to powerfull Bi-xenon projectors (xenon lights for low beam and high beam) with keeping the original adjustment and automatic levelling of the lights.

The main advantages of our bi-xenon projectors

  • Multiply stronger light output even compared to new lights
  • The main beam will retain the original halogen bulbs, so you will have 2 light sources. It is also possible to disable the halogen bulbs.
  • Parabolas are unlike the original made from aluminium, so that it won't warp or burn even after years. At the same time, they also contribute to better heat dissipation, thanks to which the projector chrome has a longer life than the original lights.
  • The projector's aperture is laser cut to achieve the most accurate light refraction. At the same time, it does not let any light above the refraction, so it does not glare on oncoming vehicles.
  • Projectors have crystal clear lenswhich is used for maximum brightness and leaves a blue coloured refraction.


This is a simple conversion that even complete beginners can handle. There is no need to undo the front Plexiglas for the lights. Everything can be done through a hole to change the lamp, and if you ignore the dismantling and fitting of the headlights, you can expect the job to take one to two hours. 

The set is folded to be completely Plug & Play, which means that there is no need to modify anything for the installation. We also create for each car video tutorial, which will completely guide you through the installation, or we can help you with the installation via phone, email or social media. 

The set includes two bi-xenon projectors including lamp holders, cables from the aperture solenoids, cable reducers for H7 bulbs, two adapters for Audi A4 B5, all necessary fasteners for installation. 

The projector fits the original D2S xenon lamps, so there is no need to buy new ones for the conversion. LEDs with D2S socket can also be used.

The set is not intended for use on roads. 

The set is designed for OEM Xenon headlights.

Comparison with A4 B5 projectors

For comparison, here is a photo of the output from a used projector from one of our rebuilds. We dare to say that this is the average that we can see on the A4 B5 and we measured 571 lux on it, while on our projectors we measured almost ten times that, 6042 lux.

Measurements were taken from the same distance (3.5 m), with the same bulb and the same source. They were also taken on the same camera settings so the difference in light output could be seen from the photos.

High beam on our projector

Another great advantage is that xenon lights will also shine as high beams. We measured 6746 lux. These driving lights will be added to your original halogen lights if you decide to keep them.

Video guide

This bi-xenon kit for the Audi A4 B5.5 has been completely designed so that anyone can install it at home. You can see what the installation involves in the video tutorial below.

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"Hello today mounted and the difference is great, for the rest I can only recommend, the shipment is perfectly packed and the assembly can handle every novice so for me absolutely great and once again thank you very much."


"Purchased and most satisfied. I can only recommend the brightness of the light somewhere else, exactly as you can see the difference in the photos, that's exactly what it is. "

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